Looking after your hat

Stuffing and folding

Christine E Hats, how to look after your hatPeaked caps: roll from the back and tuck in behind the peak, then flip the peak forward so it protects the rolled crown. The rolled-up cap can then be put in a pocket or bag. Don’t stuff or roll a cap when it’s wet – let it dry first or the peak may become distorted. (If this happens, put the peak under some books for a few days to flatten it out again).

Knitted hats: for larger, flat-topped hats (berets and tams) hold the hat upside down, flatten the sides against the top then fold or roll. For smaller hats, fold or roll from one side to the other. Give the hat a quick shake before putting it on again.
Avoid stuffing and folding a hat which is damp – let it dry first, else it may lose its shape.


Christine E Hats, looking after your hatFabric hats and caps are not washable unless otherwise stated, but can be damp-sponged or spot cleaned. Dry cleaning is not recommended.

Most knitted hats can be hand-washed with care in cool water and soap or mild detergent. After washing, remove most of the water by rolling the hat gently in a towel, then reshaped by allowing it to dry over an inverted bowl or a wide-necked vase or, for berets and tams, insert a dinner plate to slightly stretch the hat back into shape while it dries.

The exception to this is hats knitted in cotton twine, which should not be immersed in water. Instead, they can be damp-sponged or spot cleaned like a fabric hat, and then reshaped as above if necessary.