Sizes and sizing

Christine E Hats, Sizes and SizingMany people find that mass-produced hats and caps don’t fit them. Mine are made to fit because I design them so that they can be made in several head sizes. This is the circumference of the head at its widest point. To measure it, run a tape measure around the head about 2cm above the ears, inserting two fingers for ease. There are “How to measure your head” websites showing you how to do this.

Fabric hats and caps

Fabric hats and caps have a limited amount of stretch so I make them to precise head sizes from 53 cm (21 inches) through to 62 cm (24 ½ inches). That said, most of them have an elasticated section to allow some give, or a ribbon tie so they can be adjusted to fit exactly. Contact me to discuss sizes outside this range.

Knitted hats

Knitted hats have some stretch so I work to the following head sizes. Some of the knitted hats also have an adjustable elastic insert:

Christine E Hats, Sizes and Sizing detailsExtra-small (XS)          53-54 cm (21 inches)

Small (S)                      55-56 cm (22 inches)

Medium (M)                57-58 cm (22 ½ inches)

Large (L)                      59-60 cm (23 ½ inches)

Extra-large (XL)          61-62 cm (24 ½ inches)

Again, contact me to discuss sizes outside this range.